Thursday, August 26, 2010

The CEO and You are both the Same!

You have recently been appointed the CEO.  Once the excitement wears down, what do you do?

Have you ever given any thought to that scenario?  Maybe not, because a lot of us are not striving for that top role and just maybe it is not in our DNA to project that high.  Then again, maybe you are currently unemployed and that thought is the farthest from your mind.  However if that is the case, you definitely need to keep reading.  If you are employed, think about that dream role within your current company or another company for that matter.   Now hopefully you are getting somewhat of a vision as to where this is going.  This CEO scenario is valuable whether you are employed or not.
Everyone one of us is a CEO,  we are the CEO of ME INC.  You are in charge of your marketing, PR, finance etc. You devise the strategy that will project your career and life.  Maybe you have not thought of it that way, but now is the time to start envisioning that scenario

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Silent Call for Leadership Brings HR to the Top of the Pyramid

My daughter told me last year that she would be glad when she graduates because she is tired of the grind of studying.

I politely told her that studying never stops. Whatever industry or career that you decide to go into will always require that you stay on top of the trends, best practices, innovations, and industry knowledge. It never stops. It just becomes a new model of “studying” or staying abreast of your industry.

Over the past few months, I have read numerous articles and white papers on various topics relating to HR, as you probably have, too. Some have been pretty newsworthy, and this is what makes social media one of the most exciting inventions today — the ability to stay abreast of selected, newsworthy topics. Almost instantaneously, Twittter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Alerts (and others) allow you to gather all the information that you may need.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I’m Sick of Hearing About HR and that “Seat at the Table”

After reading “Survey: Leadership Confidence is Down – Especially in HR,” by Theresa M. Welbourne yesterday at TLNT, I searched Google and got approximately 263,000 results for the phrase “Seat at the Table” HR. The title of the articles ranged from the serious to the somewhat hilarious.
Here’s a sampling of some of the abbreviated titles:
  • Earning the Seat
  • How to get and keep the Seat
  • How to keep the Seat if you have it
  • 10 steps to get the Seat
  • HR needs to have the Seat
  • Beyond the Seat
  • HR from the break room to the conference room
  • Earning a Seat with the big dogs