Saturday, September 26, 2009

Forbes Advisory Panel

I have recently been invited to join Forbes Advisory Panel.

The Forbes Advisory Panel provides executives with the opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge on a variety of global business and economic issues and access timely, original research reports based on their insights. Panelists' opinions have a direct impact on the Forbes Insights Practice's understanding of today's key business issues.

Resume Tsunami or HR Tsunami?

Resume Tsunami or HR Tsunami, which one are we headed into or is it both?

I recently posted on my blog an article titled "The Tsunami is Coming" and it is headed for HR. My take was that we are headed into a storm which I called HR Tsunami. This predictor was based on the recent upheaval within companies whether it was layoffs, restructures or any other name you chose to describe it.

I recently came across a white paper that delved into this same type upcoming problem. The research was done by Deloitte. The title is Managing Talent in a Turbulent Economy-Part 3.