Saturday, May 29, 2010

What can HR learn from the new General Motors

I recently came across an interesting article that highlighted how some companies develop various strategies in a vacuum called the conference room.

This article highlighted how GM has now started a program that their top engineers now drive various newly designed vehicles for a period of time and complete a thorough assessment  based on their driving experience.  Fair enough you might say.

What I found mind-boggling was that this is a new methodology that came in with the new regime that is now in control.  In GM’s storied past, this type assessment was never done.  Their cars were basically designed in a conference room.  Here is a major manufacturing company that made and sold millions of cars and from all indication, never thought about trying their own product. There was never a process to drive and structurally assessed the cars.

It makes you wonder how GM never thought of that. Their foreign competitors thought of it and focused on quality and in the end they won out.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

From Human Resources to Human Capital

I was recently named to the Expert Advisory Panel at the Human Capital Institute located in Washington, DC.  This is my first post on that site.

Human Resources is a relative modern term coined from all indication in the 60’s. It was previously known, possibly since its inception, as “Personnel.” During this transformation, HR was basically an administrative function charged with a range of worker-related processes. This same model is still in existence in some companies today if you can believe it. They have plodded along feeling very comfortable in that space and some would stay there if circumstances had not changed. Because of the economic turmoil, the ground has shifted.

With the economic fallout there is a distinct need for a more strategic approach. Meanwhile we have all heard and read about our profession wanting that seat at the table. We wanted a brand as strong as marketing and finance. Because of this “perfect storm,” for all that wanted that new place on the corporate totem pole, your wishes have been answered.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Human Capital Institute Announcement

I was recently named to the prestigious Expert Advisory Panel on Talent Management Strategy at the Human Capital Institute.  My recent post: "From Human Resources to Human Capital" discusses the transformation from Human Resources to a strategic focus of Human Capital Management.